Remote controlled LED bracelet

* Remote controlled LED bracelets, as well as DMX supportable and RFID supportable.
* Skin-friendly material, Battery is replaceable, One size fits all.
* 2 High-brightness RGB LEDs, 8 different groups, 5 flashing modes, 15 colors changing, 800-1000m controlled distance in radius.
* Logo printing is available.


ABS, TPU, Silicone, Nylon



Product color


LED color


LED number




Working time


Unit weight


Detail About Remote controlled LED bracelet

The remote-controlled bracelet is usually used for all kinds of parties, concerts, events, sports activities, and other activities. It could let your crowds be part of your show and give your audiences a special and unforgettable experience.
We have two kinds of the controller for the bracelet, the bigger one and the smaller one. Usually, the smaller one is used for small events, less than 200 people, the function is simple. And the bigger one is used for big events, even more than 50 thousand people, it could control all the bracelets in his control range, usually 800-1000m in radius, it supports group control.
The bracelets are DMX supportable and RFID supportable according to the client’s requirement.
Normal remote-controlled wristband could divide into 8 groups, change 15 different colors and 5 flashing models (Quickly flashing–More quickly flashing–slowly flashing–steady on–color changing).
DMX supportable remote-controlled wristband, could change more than 16 million colors, and make different flashing effects, makes the concert, event, and party more funny and successful. We build in more than 10 flashing effects in the controller. Also, the professional technicians could program more effects using our DMX bracelet and DMX equipment.

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